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This program is specifically designed as a training course for those individuals who are now or will be serving as MR Safety Officers or MR Medical Directors as well as MR personnel who desire to increase their knowledge and understanding of MR safety.

Please note: The American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS), which provides certification exams for MR Safety Officers (MRSO), MR Medical Directors (MRMD), and MR Safety Experts (MRSE) is not associated with this course

This course is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the ABMRS

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Since it's introduction over 30 years ago, MRI has become a major tool in diagnostic imaging   Improvements in technology have resulted in faster imaging sequences and clinical systems with field strengths of up to 7 Tesla.   Unfortunately, the number of reported safety incidents has increased significantly. MR safety training for technologists and radiologists is often not done and controlled access into this dangerous environment is either not well established if at all. In 2002 the ACR first published it’s guidance document on MR safety and it rapidly came to be considered the de-facto industry standard for MR safety.  It was been revised several times and was most recently (April 2020) replaced with the "ACR Manual on MR Safety" . This course covers all major aspects of the most current information on MR Safety

Classes begin at 8:30 am and are over by 5:30 pm (Eastern) each day.

Approved for 16 Hrs Category A Credit

Course Topics Include

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February 21 - 22

April 11 - 12

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October 24 - 25

The  2020 ACR Manual on MR Safety states that the role of an MR Safety Officer (MRSO) is to be "assumed by a suitably trained individual"